Tim's Hong Kong Movie Reviews: # - C

  English Title Chinese Title Year Availability


  60 Million Dollar Man 60 Million Dollar Man 1995


  Aachi & Ssipak   2006
  Ab-Normal Beauty   2004 Siren Visual Entertainment
  An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty 1984 Siren Visual Entertainment
  A Hero Never Dies A Hero Never Dies 1998 (out of print)
  A Killer's Blues The Killers Blues 1990
  A Man Called Hero A Man Called Hero 1999


  The Battle Wizard   1977
  A Better Tomorrow A Better Tomorrow 1986
  A Better Tomorrow II A Better Tomorrow II 1987
  Bakery Amour Bakery Amour 2001
  The Barefooted Kid The Bare Footed Kid 1993
  The Blade The Blade 1995 n/a
  The Bird People of China   1998 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Beauty and the Breast Beauty and the Breast 2002
  Best of the Best Best of the Best 1996
  Bodyguard from Beijing Bodyguard from Beijing 1994
  The Boxer's Omen 1983
  Bride With White Hair Bride with White Hair 1993
  Bullet in the Head Bullet in the Head 1990
  Bullets Over Summer Bullets Over Summer 1999
  Burning Paradise Burning Paradise 1994 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Bury Me High Bury Me High 1990
  Butterfly and Sword Butterfly and Sword 1993


  Cave of the Silken Web 1967 Siren Visual Entertainment
  The Cat   1992
  Comrades, Almost a Love Story Comrades Almost a Love Story 1996 (out of print)
  Centre Stage Centre Stage 1992
  The Chinese Boxer The Chinese Boxer 1970
  Chinese Ghost Story Chinese Ghost Story 1987
  Chinese Midnight Express 2 Chinese Midnight Express 2 1999
  A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 - Pandora's Box A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 1995
  A Chinese Odyssey Part 2 - Cinderella A Chinese Odyssey Part 2 1995
  City Hunter City Hunter 1993
  City on Fire City on Fire 1987
  CJ7   2008  
  Clans of Intrigue Clans of Intrigue 1977 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Comeuppance Comeuppance 2000
  Comic King Comic King 2001
  Conspiracy Conspiracy 2000
  Crippled Avengers Crippled Avengers 1978
  Cross Line Crossline 1996
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000

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