Tim's Hong Kong Movie Reviews: T - W

  English Title Chinese Title Year Availability


  Tai-Chi Master Tai-Chi Master 1993
  Theft Under the Sun Theft Under the Sun 1997
  The Legend of the Flying Swordsman The Legend of the Flying Swordsman 2000
  There's a Secret in My Soup Theres a Secret in My Soup 2001
  Those Were the Days Those were the days 2000
  Time and Tide Time and Tide 2000
  To be No. 1 To Be No. 1 1996
  Tokyo Gore Police   2008
  Tricky Brains Tricky Brains 1991
  Twinke Twinkle Little Star   1983


  War of the Arrows   2011
  War of the Underworld War of the Underworld 1996
  The World Sinks Except Japan   2006
  Wing Chun Wing Chun 1994
  Wu Yen Wu Yen 2001

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