Bakery Amour (2001) Bakery Amour

Bakery Amour Directed by: Stephen Lo Kit Sing
Starring: Francis Ng, Michelle Reis, William So Wing Hong

Tagline: "Sweet Loaf"

Kim To receives a letter one day from her boyfriend (Gala) in Paris saying he has written her 99 letters and she still hasn't answered, so he will not write anymore. Just before this she shows her friend Chanty a flat upstairs for rent, which he then moves into with his Uncle Jet.

While cleaning up, Uncle Jet finds a box in the wardrobe that has 99 letters in it with all the stamps ripped off (the previous tenant's child has stolen them). As he is the curious type, he reads all of them and decides to try and get Kim To reunited with her boyfriend when he comes back to Hong Kong.

After doing some investigations, Uncle Jet decides to buy the bakery opposite from where he lives because he knows Kim To and Gala used to work in a bakery together.

The bakery is a success, mainly due to the popularity of their plain loaf (which is face-tested for softness), and the local media coverage catches the attention of the now returned Gala. As you would expect all the usual dramatic situations occur as the characters find out who loves who.

I have to admit I wouldn't normally watch this kind of movie. It was screening as a double-bill with an action-packed SDU movie, so I decided to come early to see this movie as well and was glad I did.

As I have said before, romantic comedies stand or fall on the performance of the main characters. If you believe they could actually be in a relationship then the movie will work.

The setting in the bakery was different and contributed to the success of the movie also. Some of the supporting characters were not that well developed however. Kim's boyfriend is played fairly shallow and it is hard to explain his reasoning (I write to plenty of people who don't write back, it doesn't mean I don't want to see them.)

This is an above-average romantic comedy from Hong Kong and for once they don't have a 'twist' ending where the writer kills of one of the romantic lead seemingly out of spite.

Rating: 7/10

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