Tim's Hong Kong Movie Reviews: L - O

  English Title Chinese Title Year Availability


  The Lady is the Boss Lady is the Boss 1983 Siren Visual Entertainment
  The Land of Many Perfumes 1968 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Laywer, Lawyer Lawyer Lawyer 1997
  Legendary Weapons of China Legendary Weapons of China 1982 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Lifeline Lifeline 1997
  Love on Delivery Love on Delivery 1994
  Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan Lust for Love of a Chinese Courtesan 1984 Siren Visual Entertainment


  The Machine Girl 2008
  Master Q 2001 Master Q 2001 2001
  The Master (1980) The Master (1980) 1980 Siren Visual Entertainment
  The Master Wong Fei Hong 1992 1989
  The Most Wanted The Most Wanted 1994
  Mad Monk Mad Monk 1993
  Mighty Baby Mighty Baby 2002
  Moment of Romance Moment of Romance 1990
  Mongkok Story Mongkok Story 1996
  Monkey Goes West 1966 Siren Visual Entertainment
  Monkey King   2014
  Moon Warriors Moon Warriors 1992
  Mr Canton and Lady Rose Mr Canton and Lady Rose 1989 out of print
  My Father is a Hero My Father is a Hero 1995
  My Name is Nobody My Name is Nobody 2000


  Oily Maniac 1976
  Oldboy   2003
  Once A Thief Once a Thief 1991
  Once Upon a Time in China an America Once Upon a Time in China IV 1997
  One-Armed Boxer vs. Flying Guillotine One Armed Boxer vs Flying Guillotine 1975
  Out of the Dark 1995

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