A Killer's Blues (1990) A Killers Blues

A Killer's Blues Directed by: Raymond Lee
Starring: Lung Ti

Tagline: "A crime story with a difference"

In 1975, a gang hit man named Ah Ming (Ti Lung) takes out a man who betrayed the 'Big Boss'. Something that complicates matters is the fact that the man had a 4 year old daughter. As he feels guilty, he decides to adopt the girl and gets his girlfriend, Ah Wai, to look after her while he does a job for his boss in America.

However, things don't go as planned and he is sentenced to 14 years for murder. Meanwhile, the girl he adopted, Ah Shuet, grows up, and is in Form 6 at High School and has a boyfriend by the time Ah Ming comes back. She knows him as 'Uncle Ming' as she has been receiving letters from him for the past 14 years (she thinks he is working over in the US though).

When Ming arrives back, the Big Boss takes him aside to talk to him about what has happened while he has been inside. The situation is that the Second Boss in the gang has gotten rich by drug and weapons smuggling and is trying to take over the gang.

The rest of the movie follows the struggle between Ming and the second boss' gang and has him trying to reconcile his relationship with the daughter of the man he killed.

This movie is a favourite of many people and I can see why. The performance of Ah Ming is exceptional and he shows a lot of range and talent in the role.

The other characters pretty much play out how you would expect them to. The triad characters are very brutal and Ah Shuet is sappy and romantic. I liked the character of the boyfriend as he is funny in the way he reacted when he is threatened by Ming.

As you would expect, the fight scenes between the triad groups are really well done. My favourite scene is when Ming gets a machete in the back and has to shoot his way out while rescuing the boss' no-good son.

I liked how they balanced the very emotional scenes between Ah Ming and Ah Shuet with the brutal gang violence. For once the consequences of such violence is shown and how it can effect the rest of someone's life.

I highly recommend this movie if you don't want to see the usual glamorised depiction of triad life. It may be a bit difficult to find as it is currently out of print in some places.

Rating: 8/10

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