The Bodyguard from Beijing (1994) Bodyguard from Beijing

Bodyguard from Beijing Directed by: Kazuya Konaku, Corey Yuen
Starring: Christy Chung, Jet Li

Tagline: "The Bodyguard with less stupid songs"

A crack Chinese Red Army bodyguard (Jet Li) is assigned to protect a witness (Christy Cheung) in a murder case, something neither of them agree with, but they have no choice in the matter.

As usual in these types of movies, Stockholm Syndrome develops but not before some excellent set pieces including the shootout in the shopping mall and a nasty assassin trying to get the body of his brother back.

Jet Li is the main reason to watch this movie. While Christy Cheung has her fans, she is nothing but annoying as is the kid. People in the screening I saw this film at cheered when the kid was shot in the blinking Nike pumps.

The plot is nothing special with its usual romance and overacting bad guys. In real life the bad guys wouldn't go to so much trouble.

While the characters spend most of their time in a small house, some of the action scenes the few times they leave it are great.

Not on the top of the list if you like Jet Li's work, but not as bad as the Master or some of his other Hollywood work.

Rating: 7/10

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