The Bare-Footed Kid (1993) The Barefooted Kid

The Barefooted Kid Directed by: Johnny To
Starring: Maggie Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Lung Ti

Tagline: "Different than the usual Shaolin Kung Fu story"

Aaron Kwok plays a fresh-faced country bumpkin who arrives in town looking for work after his father dies. He ends up at the Four Winds Dyers run by a widow played by Maggie Cheung and her assistant played by Lung Ti.

Things are not going well for them as the right hand man of the local Lord is corrupt and hassling them all the time to get control of their business. The Kid tries to help them out, but is a bit overenthusiastic and is told to leave before he gets them into more trouble.

Just as he is about to leave on the ferry, his girlfriend of sorts, the one who tricked him into learning how to write "sonoabitch" instead of his real name (primary school teachers can be really mean sometimes), comes to see him off and he decides to take a job with the Lord's assistant so he won't be bullied.

Settling in to his new shoes and fine pimpin' clothes he rushes back to his friends to give them presents, only to find his girlfriend is not too impressed with his new job (you can't please everyone). Also, the evil dude is trying to set him up for a fall so you just know what is coming. There are some great fighting scenes towards the end though.

Another movie recommended for fans of Maggie Cheung as she does not play the damsel in distress this time and can look after herself.

Aaron Kwok doesn't get to play the lead in many movies, so it was good to see how well her performs here. Great fight scenes all round, especially the tournament.

This movie does get a bit melodramatic towards the end, but the rest of it is enjoyable enough that you forgive the last part of it going off the rails somewhat.

Rating: 7/10

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