Beauty and the Breast (2002) Beauty and the Breast

Beauty and the Breast Directed by: Wai Man Yip
Starring: Francis Ng, Michelle Reis, Amanda Strang, Halina Tam, Daniel Wu


To give you an idea of what this movie is like, it starts with two men named Mario and Harvey checking out women's breasts in the middle of the road. Their theory is that they can tell what a woman's personality is by the shape of her breasts.

Later in the cafe we meet Harvey's girlfriend Big A and the 'innocent breasted' Kyiko. The same morning she starts at the 'Piggy Oil' company which is the same place where the two men work as arse-kissers for their boss Brother Fat.

Big A works there along with Little A (she explains that their nicknames are based on their cup sizes). Brother Fat introduces his two new female assistants who are to help him with a breast enhancement cream called "Boobie Booster". It goes on from there with many less than wacky antics including the old 'men growing breasts' gag.

A stupid and silly movie that doesn't really have that much going for it except for a few attractive female co-stars. At least it is not as crass as a Wong Jing comedy, but that is like saying you would prefer a mouth ulcer more than an ingrown toenail.

Rating: 5/10

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