Bury Me High (1990) Bury Me High

Bury Me High Directed by: Chi Li Tang
Starring: Kar Lok Chin, Moon Lee

Tagline: "Kung Fu Computer Nerd"

A dispute over a burial site between a Feng Shui expert and power mad local thug leads to the death of an innocent bystander who was assisting his escape. The Feng Shui expert feels sorry for him and agrees to bury him in the 'Riches' cave while his grandfather will be buried in the 'Wisdom' cave.

Twenty years later the daughter of the bystander is the CEO of a major IT company and is trying to track the hacker known as 'Wisely'. The 'hacking' scenes are a crack up (the film was made in 1990) as is the escape of Wisely from the four cop cars that are chasing him.

He is rescued by the CEO of the IT company who sees him in hospital. They agree to travel to the country where their parents are buried to try and move their parent's graves and solve their bad luck.

Upon their arrival they find the country has become a dictatorship and the motorcade they are travelling in is attacked by rebels. That night at the presidential palace they are caught up in a coup. The General who has taken over turns out to be the son of the thug who had the fight with Wisely's dad many years ago.

The rest of the movie follows their attempts to get to their parent's graves and has many excellent action scenes and the classic line "Explode at 11 o'clock".

While this movie is a bit silly in places (most of the scenes in Los Angeles for example), once the main characters get caught up in the coup, the movie really takes off.

The main character of Wisely seems to be very resourceful and this is only one of several movies featuring the character. He also makes an appearance in The Wesley's Mysterious File and is played by Chow Yun Fat in The Seventh Curse.

The main female character is handled decently enough given the period in which this film was made. She is no damsel in distress and manages herself well in a crisis.

As you would expect, the bad guy is completely over-the-top and it looks like the actor had a lot of fun playing him.

The action scenes are very enjoyable and even contain some comedy, such as the one-upmanship that leads to a helicopter gunship starring down the ex-president.

While this movie is not essential to watch, it is funny and has some great action scenes. I would recommend it to you if you want to see something that is not too demanding.

Rating: 7/10

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