Best of the Best (1996) Best of the Best

Directed by: Wai Keung Lau
Starring: Daniel Chan Hiu Tung, Julian Cheung, Roy Cheung

Tagline: "Not a kick boxing movie!"

Tung Tung is on his first day of the job on Motorbike Cop Patrol when his partner is gunned down in an apparent gang hit. Not long after, a Police SDU operation goes arse up when they are blown up with a bazooka (8 members of the squad survive out of 32, with one 'slightly injured').

After much investigation, the police decide to replace the SDU squad they lost with top members from the police force in a special unit they will call the Best of the Best. The usual scenes follow of the new members being introduced to training (of which Tung is one), a stand out scene during this sequence is 'Kim's Game' (the weapons trainer), who gets them to memorise ten items in a box, then tells them to run 50 laps of the training ground.

Further into the training, Tung is assigned to a team with Coolman, who doesn't like him for some reason. Also, the head trainer Eagle decides to use real bullets during a training exercise, because "real bank robbers use bullets" (the squad in training is using paintball ammo).

Another movie in the police SDU genre that is quite popular in Hong Kong. This movie is more like a traditional army movie where most of the running time is taken up with training and only near the end are the recruits thrust into conflict.

The head trainer Eagle is no Lee R Emery (Full Metal Jacket), but he has some funny lines and is very tough on the people he is meant to be training.

There are all the usual conflicts between members of the team, but you know they will eventually work out when they are put under the gun.

This movie may be difficult to find as it seems everyone want to call their DVD 'The Best of the Best' these days no matter how good it actually is. If you actually make the extra effort to find this movie then I am not going to stop you from watching it.

Rating: 7/10

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