An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984) An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty

An Amorous Woman of Tang DynastyDirector: Laurence Wong
Starring: Patricia Ha Man-jik, Alex Man Chi-leung, Chang Kuo-chu, Ku Feng, Lin Kai-Lin

Tagline: Sexy, but boring.

Yu Yu-wei (Patricia Ha Man-jik) is an independent woman in a time where women are either expected to be good wives, courtesans or concubines. She joins a Taoist monastery to make her own way, but soon tires of it and leaves to pursue her own interests where she meets up with wandering swordsman Tsui Po-Ho (Alex Man Chi-leung).

When Tsui leaves, Yu goes back to the monastery with Lu Chiao (Lin Kai-Lin), but is expelled for having sex with her. Setting up business alongside the brothels in town they become famous for their parties and have many encounters with men that Yu courts. Some roving bandits even try to get a piece of the action, but Tsui and his pal Auyang (Chang Kuo-chu) return just in time to save them.

The plot of the movie is strange as it meanders along as it doesn't really seem to go anywhere for a long time and there is a sex scene and a violent sword fight all of a sudden and just a quickly nothing happens again.

I thought the characters and settings were great, but I got bored waiting for something to happen most of the time. Yu is a very strange character as she seemed to wait for things to happen to her, even though she didn't want to play the usual role society wanted for her.

Although this movie is regarded as a classic of erotic film making, I don't think it succeeds as there is no real building up to the moment. Also the violence seems added in for no real reason, even if it is more realistic than most swordplay films.

As it stands it is very hard to recommend this movie as there are better straight erotic, swordplay, martial arts and kung fu movies around. It may have even been better if some of the on-screen action was implied as it would be sexier, even if the scene with the mask was the best one in the film.

Rating: 6/10

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