Aachi & Ssipak (2006)

Director: Jo Beom-jin
With the voices of: Chang Jung Lim, Seung-wan Ryoo, Yeong Hyeon, Gyu-hwa Lee, Gyu-hyeong Lee, In-yong Oh, Hye-jeong Seo, Hae-chol Shin

Tagline: "You're the worst character in this movie!"

Terrorist mutants known the Diaper Gang attack a supply truck and are wiped out by a Cyborg cop named Geko. They needed the supply truck as it had a shipment of Juciybars which they are addicted to. The Juicybars are provided by the government to encourage people to defecate as all power comes from human excrement and it has to be monitored.

I understand that doesn’t make it any easier to understand, but when you are watching it, you just accept it and go along with the story. Aachi and Ssipak are two petty crims who accidentally wind up being involved in a war between the Diaper gang and the dictator led government in their quest to make money by thieving.

One of their schemes to get more Juicybars goes awry when their friend Jimmy slaughters a whole lot of the Diaper gang when they raiding a gangsters’ hideout. Jimmy ends up working with the Diapers’ and suggests they make a movie about a woman with a magical anus, giving the leader of the Diapers an idea.

A blue-haired vixen named Beautiful answers the audition, but Aachi and Ssipak interrupt the casting-couch process and flee with her, which is where the story really takes off. The first time she goes to the toilet, there is a flood of Juciybars and they take full advantage of it.

I saw this animated film as a late screening and it is a perfect film under the circumstances as there are more poo and bum jokes than I could count and the crass humour was not to everyone’s taste in the screening.

The animation is excellent with a mix of 3D and more traditional 2D style computer assisted animation and it is very colourful. The character designs are great with Jimmy being my favourite human character with his big afro and lips and the blue Diaper gang looking like corrupted Smurfs, which makes it even funnier when they get killed.

Aachi and Ssipak are really only side characters in the movie, but this suits the plot as things tend to happen around them while they are looking out for themselves. Jimmy steals the scenes he is in as he is so funny looking and acts very strangely.

Fans of science fiction and action films would like this film as it comes across as a bent version of Mad Max crossed with Akira with added scatological references.

I don’t know if this film will get a local release as it is a bit too out there, but I would consider importing it along with Sars Wars when I get the chance as they would make a great double.

Rating: 8/10

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