City Hunter (1993) City Hunter

City Hunter

Directed by: Wong Jing

Starring: Jackie Chan, Richard Norton


Jackie Chan stars as the private eye 'City Hunter' in a story based on a Japanese manga. I have this film on video at home, but it was good to see it up on the big screen.

The basic plot has City Hunter looking for the daughter of a Japanese newspaper tycoon, which ends up taking him onto a cruise liner which is about to be hijacked by terrorists.

As it is a Jackie Chan movie, the plot isn't really that important so I'll just explain some of my favourite scenes.

GALA GALA HAPPY - For absolutely no reason at all there is a musical number by rappers DJ Hard & DJ Soft and dancers. I have also managed to find the lyrics to this song on the web and they are really funny.

Fight in the Cinema - Jackie gets help from Bruce Lee (whose movie is playing in the cinema), to take on some tall terrorists.

Street Fighter sequence in arcade - This is my favourite scene from the film. Watching it always cheers me up as it is just so silly. What I like about it is that it is shot to resemble the game with Jackie Chan playing Ryu Honda, Guile, Dhalism & Chun Li - it's better than the ENTIRE movie they made about it with Jean-Claude Van Damme!

I know there is also an anime series based on the same story, which will come up if you are searching for this movie online. I would recommend this film if you like seeing Jackie Chan being more silly than usual.

As I have mentioned, the action in this movie is much more cartoonish than usual and sometimes hard to follow. While it is not up to the level of a Stephen Chow movie, it makes for a nice change.

There were some issues between Jackie and the director of this movie I have heard. These are explored more fully in the movie High Risk which stars Jet Li that takes a major swipe at him with a 'Jackie Chan type' star.

As you would expect, there are still some great stunts in this movie such as the skateboard chase scene, but they are mostly downplayed for the jokes that don't always work themselves.

I would still recommend this movie if you have seen other Jackie Chan movies, just don't expect this to be his best work.

Rating: 8/10

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