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I have been running a site devoted to John Marsden's Tomorrow Series of books since 1998 and have received great feedback on it (along with people thinking I wrote the books.)

I know there are already many other Hong Kong movie review sites on the web, but this site is different as it was originally started by me to keep a record online of all the Hong Kong movies I had seen.

The reason for this is that I never seemed to be able to find anyone to talk about them so I needed a way to debrief after each movie. This is why many of the reviews have a greater emphasis on providing a synopsis of the film as I was trying to remember what happened in the film.

The creation of the site itself is due to an exchange of emails I had with Mark from the Heroic Cinema Website when he said I should put my reviews on my own site instead of his which I had asked to do.

Since then I have had some feedback mainly from fans and people wanting to link to the site. This is why I haven't moved any of the reviews and also I want to keep it simple so I have more time to watch movies rather than running the website.

In 2004 I was asked to review movies for the nofreelist website and decided to send them all the reviews on this site so they would get a wider audience and had more content to put on their site.

As I have been asked by them before, I have finally decided to sign up for an affiliate program with the following site:

Cantonese titles courtesy of the Hong Kong Filmography 1913-2003 PDF file available from the Hong Kong Film Archive and David Mo.


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