Comeuppance (2000) Comeuppance


Directed by: Sung Kee Chiu
Starring: Jordan Chan, Sunny Chan, Patrick Tam

Tagline: "Beware the killer donut!"

A notorious triad boss named King and two of his henchmen are found dead in a bar from poisoning. The police can't seem to work out who did it. Michael is assigned to the case to try and track down the killer.

The editor of a major daily newspaper wants to cover the story, but he also needs someone to write a serial for the paper. A journalist called Hak volunteers his services and he decides to base his serial on the poisonings and calls the story 'Kings of the Underworld'.

The serial proves very popular, especially with the triad bosses it is about. While covering King's funeral, Hak is assaulted by a triad boss called Po, who Hak says will get his 'comeuppance'. He is right, not long after he publishes his article, Po is poisoned in a restaurant by the killer.

This latest killing sparks the interest of a triad boss called Sepik who invites Hak around for dinner and says he likes his serial in the newspaper. Almost the next day there is an attempt on Sepik's life. This freaks Hak out, who out of desperation says he will get the killer in his serial to use a donut as his weapon next time.

The very next week, two men from Sepik's gang are killed by poison donuts. Hak spins out and is questioned by Michael at the station. I'll let you see the rest for yourself, but it gets fairly busy towards the end.

Hong Kong cinema is awash with triad, cop and true-crime stories, but very few actually manage to pull off the black comedy depicted here so well.

This movie reminded me quite a bit of You Shoot, I Shoot in the way it depicts some deaths in a funny way.

Most of the story revolves around the lives of Michael and Hak as they respond to events. When the killer is finally revealed, they don't really react that much to him and are seen sharing a drink in one scene.

I also like the gang leaders as there were some funny performances on display, especially after they become paranoid about being knocked off.

I would recommend this movie if you are sick of the usual triad fare and want something different.

Rating: 7/10

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