Mongkok Story (1996) Mongkok Story

Mongkok Story

Directed by: Wilson Yip
Starring: Roy Cheung, Edmond Leung, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

Tagline: "Another triad try hard"

Pei Lung (Edmond Leung) is a waiter in an all-night diner who often talks to three triad gangsters named Herbal Oil, Gump and Peter during his shift because he is bored and they tell good stories.

One night, they decide to take him out and they end up in a fight with their fellow triad members over some women. The night after the fight, they meet up with the other members to arrange compensation for Pei Lung's finger, however the boss arrives and settles the dispute by getting the other gang member to keep drinking glass after glass of wine so he can't talk.

The boss (Ching) then takes them out for a drink and karaoke, where it is found out that Pei Lung 'sings like a woman'. The next day they have a game of soccer against some other blokes for $20,000 and Pei Lung decides to quit his job at the diner to hang out with his friends. As it turns out, Herbal Oil, Gump and Peter work in a store selling X-rated VCDs. They get Pei to sell an old VCD to a customer by having him make up the description on the spot, which he quite enjoys.

One night at the movies starring big time star (Anthony Wong), Pei and his friends start horsing around, only to have stuff thrown on them from the balcony by the film star's cronies. They decide to take it outside, but they are outnumbered and decide not to do anything.

Later in the night at the "Gentlemen's Club" Peter is annoyed that the film star steals his girl, so he tells her that he (the film star) has 'tetter'. After they leave, the film star is annoyed that the girl he picked won't go with him and all the other women give excuses like 'My piles are sore' or "I'm a man". He gets so annoyed that he goes after the friends, but his cronies only manage to catch Pei Lung, who is punished. His friends arrive just after one of the film star's cronies says "You should be glad to eat something so nutritious!" Pei Lung is angry and wants the film star killed, but Ching won't do it. The rest of the film unfolds almost the same as every other triad movie I have ever seen.

This movie is not to be confused with the much better One Nite in Mongkok as this movie came out several years earlier when the triad fad was being beaten to death.

The start of this movie is interesting due to it portraying an outsider's view of life in the triads. Once they start messing with the film star it becomes very boring and as I explained there is nothing special about it.

For some reason the lead actors don't make that much of an impact. It is Anthony Wong's portrayal of the nasty film star that sticks in my memory.

I'll leave it up to you if you want to see this movie. There are many other films in genre more deserving of your time.

Rating: 6/10

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