The Master (1989) The Master

The Master aka. Wong Fei Hong 1992

Directed by: Tsui Hark
Starring: Jet Li, Jerry Trimble, Wah Yuen

Tagline: "Jet Li vs. Mullet Man!"

First of all this is not the sort of movie I should even bother describing the plot for. Secondly I recommend you be on the way to being inebriated on your favourite drinkin' liquor before starting this movie - preferably at a booze up with some good drinking buddies who can make wisecracks every couple of minutes.

The fighting is OK at least when compared to Hollywood martial arts movies. One of the people Jet Li's character fights is Billy Blanks! (Yes the Tae Bo dude.)

Another funny part is when Jet's character gets robbed and does a head-first slide down a banner at a parking lot (later copied by Jackie Chan in Rush Hour (1998)) and the gang he was chasing want to become his students!

My favourite characters in this film are not even the main ones. The main baddie "Mullet Man" is really funny and the dude with the dreads who Jet rescues his students from is really cool.

The dubbing is BAAAAAAD as it seems to swap voices such as: "1100 Wiltshire Boulevard" (he had been talking Chinese in a different accent). This caused howls of laughter from the rowdy audience when I watched it.

More of a historical curiosity than a worthwhile martial arts film, this movie should be at the bottom of your list of Jet Li's movies to watch. Beware the re-released version that will try to trick you into thinking it is a different movie.

Most of the fight scenes are forgettable, apart from the final battle on top of a skyscraper and an unintentional funny scene where someone is thrown out a window.

Jet Li would probably rather forget this movie and it would be best if you do also. Tsui Hark implores you to go see Seven Swords instead.

Rating: 6/10

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