Oily Maniac (1976)

Director: Ho Meng-hua
Starring: Danny Lee, Cheng Ping, Hua Lun, Wang Hsia

Tagline: The incredible sulk

Danny Lee plays a crippled lawyer. Oh! So many dramatic shots of the crutches! Who is given a mystical spell by his uncle just before he is executed (it was all the gangsters’ fault!) So he can protect his daughter in times of trouble.

Of course, he turns out to be useless at protecting her normally and digs a big hole in his flat, causing it to fill with oil (why the USA didn’t invade on the spot is beyond me) and then go off to kill the bad guys whenever he gets upset.

The story is stupid and the premise is retarded, but some people might enjoy this movie even though the main character is a total cop-out and whines later in the movie that he can’t stop himself, but he is also the one who goes off looking for barrels of boiling hot tar to jump in every time someone cuts him off in traffic or whenever he has a bad day at work.

Of course being an exploitation film there is plenty of gratuitous sex and violence, but it is strangely coy at times, such as the surgery scene with the bottle in the most strategic position known to man and also not showing someone’s head being squashed to a pulp.

I did pay full price for this movie, but I recommend renting the VCD if you are interested and trying it out first as you really have to be into this sort of movie to enjoy it.

Rating: 5/10

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