Lifeline (1997) Lifeline

Lifeline Directed by: Johnny To
Starring: Alex Fong, Ching Wan Lau, Damian Lau, Carman Lee, Ruby Wong

Tagline: "Cool Firemen / women?!?"

TWS station has a bad reputation in the fire department for having the most accidents out of the whole Hong Kong Fire Service, and one such incident sees the entire firefighting team reporting to the hospital with food poisoning from bad cafeteria food.

It's not so funny however, when the chief has an accident while in a lift shaft at a construction site and is rushed to the hospital. Being a good team, the entire firefighting force rush to his bedside and are told to get out of the way by the nurses and to 'let the doctors do their job' by their chief.

Further adventures await, such as the woman threatening to commit suicide, who is saved by the new chief, much to the amusement of the station staff, a rescue for a budgie and a baby.

I'll leave the rest to you, but I will say that the conclusion is one of the best final sequences I've seen in a film for a long time (it's up there with The Towering Inferno (1974) or the more recent Backdraft (1991)).

It is a good change to see a movie about a different branch of the emergency services. Hong Kong movies about the police force are so numerous it is getting difficult to find new stories.

Some of the situations in this movie are a bit stupid - plastic bags as gas masks? However, the movie makes up for it with many exciting situations.

As the emphasis here is on the the team, no particular cast members stands out, with the exception of the annoying little kid in a couple of scenes.

Rating: 7/10

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