Out of the Dark (1995)

Director: Jeff Lau
Starring: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Hunag Yi-fei, Lee Kin-Yan

Tagline: Leon the Professional meets Ghostbusters

Stephen Chow plays a Leon the Professional type character who turns up at an apartment complex that is being haunted by troublesome ghosts. His methods of dealing with them involve extreme violence and he ends up being captured by the orderlies of the psychiatric hospital he has escaped from, but not before impressing a young woman (Karen Mok) who dresses up like Natlie Portman from the Professional and goes to rescue him.

Due to his actions on dealing with the ghosts, Stephen has to train the complexes security guards for their return. This is a very funny sequence and almost up there with the 18 Shaolin Bronzemen scenes from God of Cookery. It also looked very difficult to shoot as in the outtakes you can see people keep getting burnt by the fuse on the dynamite.

I would recommend this movie to people who liked the Chinese Ghost Story movies or are big fans of Stephen Chow’s work. It is a lot different to his other movies as it is a lot more violent and not the comedic style of Kung Fu Hustle either as it is a lot more darker in the humour.

The supporting characters are great also, including the Granny ghost, the famous cross-dresser Lee Kin-Yan and the security guards who get some very funny scenes when they are chasing after the ghosts and goofing around.

I also enjoyed the setting of the apartment block as the actors have a lot to play around with, including the rooftop with the big advertising sign held up by bamboo that they get to run around on.

Not an essential Stephen Chow movie to watch, but worth your time if you manage to find a copy somewhere and you want to see some movies from his back catalogue.

Rating: 6/10

Bonus Scenes:

Waiting... Ouch!
Got ya! Stephen Chow and Karen Mok
Granny's head Showdown on the rooftop
All woman!
Rockin' Chow! Damn that's hot!


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