My Father is a Hero (1995) My Father is a Hero

My Father is a Hero Directed by: Corey Yuen
Starring: Jet Li, Anita Mui

Tagline: "Attack of the yo-yo kid!"

Jet Li stars as Kwai, an undercover cop who is always promising to do things for his son, but only shows up in the nick of time to watch him win the Kung Fu tournament.

On the way home from picking up his son's bravery award, Kwai is arrested, but what his family doesn't know is that it's all part of a cunning plan to arrest a major crime boss, as Kwai is actually an undercover cop in the Chinese Police.

After making his escape from prison with one of the crime boss' henchmen, the gang is planning their next heist on a rooftop when the goon's suggestion of "Let's go into the bank tomorrow when it opens and rob it!" is met by a punch that sends him flying off the side of the building; Kwai only saves him by managing to come up with a better plan in time to stop the boss stepping on his arm, after which he pulls the goon (Uncle Darkie) back from the brink.

During a spectacular sequence in an all-glass restaurant, we see a detective trying to chat up the lovely Ms Fong (Anita Mui), who ends up being taken hostage by Kwai in a police car after the heist doesn't turn out to plan.

Back in China, Kwai's son Kun is getting picked on at school and he is protected by his friend 'Fatty' for a time, but afterwards he finds the bullies beating up Fatty and Kun beats them up. About this time, Ms Fong turns up in China looking for information on Kwai, when her search is fruitless with the Police, she tails Kun back to his house, and then meets his mother who makes up the story that she is actually 'Auntie Fong' to try to allay Kun's fears about his Dad.

From this point, the story takes a rather interesting development and Kun ends up going to Hong Kong with Auntie Fong, where much mayhem ensues.

Despite having a plot that is somewhat similar to Police Story 3 (1992), I really liked this movie as it had all the best elements of Hong Kong cinema in it that makes it probably one of the best in its genre.

The scenes where Kwai fights alongside Kun are particularly effective (and funny at times, watch for the 'yo-yo kid attack'), but it may not be for everyone as there are some scenes where bad stuff happens to the kid which may upset some people.

Finally, a film with a kid that actually works! Most of the time having children in an action movie tends to drag it down. This is not the case here as they managed to find a younger co-star for Jet Li who complements him perfectly.

As this movie is fairly old now, it would be interesting to see what the kid went on to do as he would be old enough to star in movies now.

Although there is child as one of the main characters, I would be wary of letting kids see this film as there is some stuff that would upset them in this movie.

Hopefully this movie comes out remastered soon enough as more people are interested in Jet Li's back catalogue now.

Rating: 8/10

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