A Moment of Romance (1990) Moment of Romance

Moment of Romance Directed by: Benny Chan
Starring: Andy Lau, Man Tat Ng, Kwong Leung Wong, Chien-lien Wu

Tagline - An average triad movie

At first, I thought this was going to be a run-of-the-mill triad film as it rips off some scenes from films such as City on Fire (1987) such as the jewel robbery. It turns out to be quite different in the way it introduced the main characters who we don't learn the names of until quite a way into the film.

Wei Dah ends up taking a hostage while trying to escape from police after the jewel robbery; the girl is Jo Jo who for some reason takes a liking to him and refuses to identify him in a police line-up. The other members of the triad gang are not so sure and try to get rid of her so Wei rescues her which leads to more consequences.

This movie is nothing if not melodramatic with rock power ballads thrown in for good measure - such as when the motorcycle is speeding away from an exploding car.

I thought Jo Jo was stupid as she kept being nice to Wei even when he was being an idiot like messing up his flat again after she had spent so long cleaning it for him.

Some of the supporting characters in this film were good though, including Rambo the car attendant and Wei's three 'mothers'.

This movie is similar to many other triad movies for a very good reason. Due to the extremely short production time of most Hong Kong movies (some are filmed in under two weeks), whenever a genre movie is a big hit you are bound to see a flood of cheap imitators trying to cash in. Although there are good and bad sides to this, it mostly seems to work out.

From what I can see this movie is from the early 90's triad movie period and is about average compared to other movies produced around the same time.

Rating: 6/10

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