Moon Warriors (1992) Moon Warriors

Moon Warriors Director: Sammo Hung
Starring: Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung

Tagline: "Is this the shortcut to the Western Suburbs?"

A prince in exile is saved from a rebel attack in a bamboo forest by a fisherman called Fei who then asks him to "come back to his house and get plastered" the bodyguard is wary but the prince trusts him and goes back to the fishing village.

Next we see the rebel leader punishing one of his subjects for the failed attack by cutting his head off with a bow string, firing an arrow through it which then goes over the top of a torch setting it on fire and finally slams into a target peppered with arrows which lights up saying "BADASS" - it would be cool if it said that but I don't know Chinese so I really have no idea what it meant.

At the village Fei gives everyone shark's fin soup and introduces the prince to a friendly killer whale called Hei Wei. As the rebels are still looking for them, Fei leads the party to a hiding place which turns out to be a royal mausoleum.

After enquiring about a shortcut to the western suburbs the group sets off to find the king who is allies with the prince. They end up getting separated and each of them has to make it back to the mausoleum by themselves. Fei ends up escorting the princess back and being wounded fighting a mysterious hooded combatant in a cave and a tangle of thorns.

There is a lot more fighting after this, but I'll let you see it for yourself. This movie does have quite a lot of excellent choreographed fight scenes and good characters including the cute killer whale.

While it doesn't hold up against some of the newer Kung Fu extravaganzas, this is still a great little film with some interesting characters and settings.

It has recently been re-released as a remastered version so it should be easier to find now if you are interested.

Rating: 7/10

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