Mad Monk (1993) Mad Monk

Mad Monk Directed by: Siu-Tung Ching, Johnny To
Starring: Maggie Cheung, Stephen Chow, Man Tat Ng

Tagline: "Confusing but funny"

I have to admit that I found this movie somewhat bewildering. It may have to do with the fact that I don't know much about Chinese mythology, some of the storyline reminded me of Monkey though.

From what I could understand about the movie, there were still enough visual gags to keep me amused, but this movie was not as accessible to me as some of Stephen Chow's other movies.

The supporting characters were very good though, especially Maggie Cheung as the 9th generation whore who Stephen's character of Lu Han had to save. Lu's sidekick (Man Tat Ng) was also funny as the "man baby" and the 9th generation beggar was also well done. Not so well played was the 9th generation scoundrel as he just seemed to be evil for no real reason.

I was a bit disappointed that Maggie Cheung didn't get a bigger role, but as this is meant to be a Stephen Chow film, it was good to see how well she did in it compared to him. As an aside I would love to see what a movie with Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan would be like, even though it would more than likely implode due to so much wackiness on screen.

With all the gods involved it did start to get confusing towards the end, but at some point a demon from the underworld got involved and started stomping around the place like Godzilla.

While this is a funny movie it was confusing as I have said earlier. I know if you understand Chinese it would be much funnier as the audience member sitting beside me in the screening kept screaming with laughter and shouting "YOU BITCH!" after every line.

The costumes and settings in this movie are great and really added to the experience. My favourites were those the gods were wearing.

While this is not my favourite Stephen Chow movie, I would recommend it if you are a huge fan of his movies.

Rating: 6/10

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