Love on Delivery (1994) Love on Delivery

Directed by: Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee
Starring: Stephen Chow, Christy Chung, Man Tat Ng

Tagline - "Kung Fu Garfield"

At the martial arts school, the instructor named Black Bear tries to crack onto one of his students, Lily (Christy Cheung), but she refuses him. Later in the lobby she is teasing him and ends up kissing a delivery boy named Ah An (Stephen Chow), who is quite taken by Lily and needs to sit down after she tells him she was just joking.

Ah An takes her seriously though and tries to get tickets to a Jacky Cheung concert with little success, but his patience is rewarded when Jacky sees him sitting on the steps and gives him two tickets. Later on, his plan to hide the tickets in an egg sandwich is foiled when one of Lily's friends eats it, but luckily she chokes on it and Lily finds it again.

Lily waits at the bus stop to meet Ah An, but Black Bear turns up and after having his faced smeared with poo by An, he goes to punch him but ends up punching Lily instead when Ah An cowers. Afterwards she says she can't go out with anyone who is a coward.

Broken-hearted, Ah An spots a sign "Coward's Saviour" which turns out to be on a liquor store run by a man nicknamed "Devil Killer" (Man Tat Ng). He offers to cheer Ah An up, then decides to teach him Kung Fu to help him .

Ah An goes nuts practising what he thinks is Kung Fu, but just ends up making a mess at work and is fired. When he goes to see his "master" at the shop, he doesn't want anything to do with him and Devil Killer shows him one last move - "Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel" - which involves rolling down a long flight of stairs.

Later on, Lily is in the car park of the martial arts school and is assaulted by Black Bear, but she is rescued by a Kung Fu expert wearing a Garfield head (they call it Gar Fei), whose main move is that he stands up every time after taking a beating. The fight ends when the two combatants roll down the stairs in the Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel move and we find out that it was Ah An who was fighting.

Word soon gets around and the next day Lily is being chased by scores of men wearing bad imitations of Garfield masks trying to take advantage. When Ah An tries to tell her she hits him as he is wearing the same mask.

Things change at the martial arts centre when the Karate master returns from Japan and wants to take over. He also takes Lily away from Ah An, which prompts him to get the help of Devil Killer to issue him a challenge...

This is the funniest Stephen Chow movie behind God of Cookery for the number of jokes and funny situations it contains. Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle may be more polished, but this movie has a lot of personality to make up for any shortcomings in its presentation and everyone looks so fresh-faced.

I liked how Stephen Chow played a different type of role in this movie. He started out as a good-hearted loser and ended up on top, which was a nice change to the "rich bastard" characters he plays in many of his films.

Man Tat Ng is also great in his role as "Devil Killer" (similar to the role of "Golden Leg" he plays in Shaolin Soccer), but he has more jokes and pratfalls here.

While most of the movie is taken up with training sequences, they are parodies of those seen in other Kung Fu movies. For example, instead of sticking his hands in a cauldron of hot sand, he only pretends to and makes the faces accordingly. Also some other training he completes involves eating hot pot, sitting in saunas and messing around with girls (or 'psychological tactics' as they call it.)

The tournament sequence is also great and sends up a lot of other movies. I liked how they didn't fight, yet it was still exciting to watch.

I recommend this movie if you like Kung Fu tournament movies and want to see a funny version of them.

Rating: 8/10

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