The World Sinks Except Japan (2006)

Director: Minoru Kawasaki
Starring: Kenji Kohashi, Shuuji Kashiwabara, Masatoshi Matsuo, Blake Crawford, Hiroshi Fujioka, Arthur Kuroda, Takashi Matsuo, Takenori Murano, Gregory Pekar, Dave Spector, Yasutaka Tsutsui

Tagline: Stacks on Japan!

Beginning in Japan in 2014, the movie flashes back to 2011 when major disasters starting occurring and the other continents began sinking. The USA was the first to go, and the president flies out along with famous Hollywood stars Jerry Cruising (Blake Crawford), Elizabeth Clift and Mr Gucas.

The Americans think everything will go swimmingly for them, but once they arrive in Japan they are forced to give up their army bases and their currency is devalued, leaving them to live on the streets.

Over the next couple of months, other continents start sinking, leaving Japan and a few isolated pieces of land the only land above water. With 400 million people now trying to live in Japan, drastic steps are called for and the authorities establish the "Gajin Attack Team" to round up and deport unruly foreigners. Japanese is also made the official language, whale hunting is no longer outlawed and everyone has to sing the Nippon Song. If you could believe it, things get even more wacky than that, but I'll leave you to find out yourself.

Satire is very difficult to pull off. This movie succeeds in some respects, but it will also piss off a lot of people I suspect due to the attitudes on display. It is very strange to watch as everything is reversed, it reminded me of the movie Babakiueria or the Butthole Surfers Texas BBQ. I suspect some of the dialogue is dilberately bad as how else could native English language speakers sound so bad, yet they seem to speak good Japanese.

For all the death and destruction going on in the movie, no one really seems that upset which was weird as the death toll would have been in the billions. I enjoyed the scenes of destruction with the obligatory land marks sinking into the sea. The special effects aren't really that crash hot, but this movie is meant to be a piss take on the big-budget "Japan Sinks" which was released in the same year so you can understand why they wanted to get it out quickly.

This movie was also the last for Akio Jissoji, who directed several classic Ultraman episodes and there is even a parody segment within this movie based on that character (foreigners get squashed in it.)

I did enjoy Kawasaki's previous work in Calamari Wrestler and am looking forward to seeing Executive Koala, but this movie might be a bit too off the wall for some people. It was still good to see though and I recommend picking up a copy if you can find it cheap.

It was also great to see this after watching the 70s movie "The Sinking of Japan" where people yell at each other for two hours and get into fist fights and you cheer the destruction as it breaks up the monotony.

Rating: 7/10

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