Theft Under the Sun (1997) Theft Under the Sun

Theft Under the Sun

Directed by: Chuen-Yee Cha
Starring: Julian Cheung, Gigi Lai, Michael Wong

Tagline: "A crime story road movie"

Ka-Ho (Julian Cheung) is an undercover cop who has been with the same gang for years, and he is at the verge of making a discovery about its leader, Dan (Michael Wong) when his boss tells him that the gang will be raided by the police.

The raid turns out to be a disaster however, as his boss tells the police 'our man is in red' and in the meantime, everyone in the gang puts on a red shirt. Much gunplay and explosions ensue, Dan escapes, the other gang members are shot or arrested and Ka-Ho is suspected of helping Dan get away by throwing a grenade at them. He tries to rejoin the police force after this, but is under suspicion. To clear his name he finds Dan and goes on one last mission.

Ka-Ho ends up trekking all over the countryside with Dan, all the time saying 'are we there yet?', but Dan won't tell him until they get there. When they finally get to their destination they find an army truck, but Ka-Ho is unsure of its cargo. He only finds out what they are carrying when one of the missiles crashes through the cabin when they go down a steep hill and one of them falls down a cliff.

While they are heading towards Hong Kong with their cargo, the police are trying to track them down and Ka-Ho's girlfriend has contacted them with information regarding his whereabouts. Ka-Ho and Dan also have to deal with bandits and the Mainland police who are after them for running over the bandits. I'll leave you to see the rest.

Hong Kong uncover cop action road movies are a fairly unique genre, so this film has at least one thing going for it. Most of the time when they are driving around in the truck it is a bit boring though.

Julian Cheung as the undercover cop does a reasonable job in his role and is certainly better than most of the bland hair models that pass for actors playing cops these days. (Anthony Wong does not count as he is asleep most of the time.) I don't know why people are so down on Michael Wong though, as he was great as Dan in this movie. The other characters are serviceable, but I didn't notice them that much.

Overall I would say this movie was not bad, but not great either.

Rating: 7/10

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