To be Number One (1996) To Be Number 1

To be Number One Directed by: Raymond Lee
Starring: Wai-Man Chan, Kar-Lei Cheng, Julian Cheung, Amy Yip

Tagline: "An average triad movie"

This movie starts with Fei Cheung and his buddies, who include Fat Lion and his girlfriend Apple, trashing a bar to kill a gangster. After they escape in the van outside, Fei's girlfriend berates him for getting blood on her shoe.

Later in a nightclub, Fat Lion tries to crack on to a woman, only to be told that he has 'big tits', then a fight breaks out after the woman's boyfriend shows up. After Fei Cheung and the man 'take it outside', the big boss turns up and proceeds to beat them all up, however, he is impressed enough with Fei and his friends to ask to meet his boss.

As you would expect from this type of film, the boss has a job for them which of course goes wrong. This leads to an ever-increasing spiral of conflicts and a big fight between two gangs on the street as is the norm.

Can you tell I'm getting sick of triad films yet? This 90's triad movie is nothing special and if you have watched more recent films such as Election, you would do best to ignore this film or you will wind up disappointed.

Rating: 6/10

Amy Yip takes a dip

Screencap for the famous "slap" scene because I know people are looking for it, sickos. (Sourced from the Youtube trailer.)

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