Flirting Scholar (1993) Flirting Scholar

Flirtong Scholar Director: Lik-Chi Lee
Starring: Stephen Chow, Pei-pei Cheng, Vincent Kok, Francis Ng

Tagline: Rapping Scholar

Tong Pak Fu is a famous scholar in ancient China, renowned for his poetry and painting. He is the envy of others due to his wealth and eight wives, but he is unhappy as his wives drink and gamble all the time.

His brother comes to see him to borrow money for a gambling debt, so Tong obliges by painting a large picture by using the man dipped in ink and lots of acrobatics.

He is so popular that kings call for his service. This time he manages to fool the doctor into thinking he is sick (and has a disco pulse) by using his secret Kung Fu (his Mum tells him off for this as she doesn't want the families enemies finding out.)

As he is feeling down, Tong decides to go on an outing with the Four Scholars and they hang doing poetry and courting the ladies. They also see a party from the Wah household with some beautiful servants, so they decide to disguise themselves as beggars to get closer. He ends up falling for a woman of the household and manages to sneak into the house disguised as a servant.

In the Wah household he is beaten up and also finds out that the wife is an enemy of Tong Pak Fu. He is almost found out when the "Four Perverted Heroes" arrive but he gets out of it by reciting a rap that tells his life story along with a drum solo. This really impresses Madam and she makes him the teacher of the young masters and he is named Wah Oh. There are many more hilarious events after this with our hero's life being put in danger many times, but it comes out alright in the end.

While this movie was very funny, I found some of the material impenetrable due to the jokes being in Cantonese and the fact that I have no knowledge of the language.

It makes up for this with some very funny action scenes though. My favourites are when Pak Fu paints with a nude man and the advertisement for 'death pills'.

I recommend seeing this movie if you liked Stephen Chow's other period comedies, such as Mad Monk, that came out around the same time.

Rating: 7/10

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