The Seventh Curse (1986) The Seventh Curse

The Seventh Curse Directed by: Ngai Kai Lam
Starring: Maggie Cheung, Siu-hou Chin, Yun-Fat Chow, Dick Wei

Tagline: "Bring me the blood of a black dog."

In this movies we follow the adventures of Dr Yuan Chen (Chin Siu-Ho), who has had a curse put on him after interfering with a ritual sacrifice in the backwoods of Thailand to rescue a woman he had a hard on for.

He goes to see his friend Wiesley (Chow Yun Fat) about it, only to be told not to get sexually aroused or his veins will pop.

Ignoring this advice he picks up, but is disturbed by a villager from the area he rescued the woman and he begins his quest. Lots of stuff happens after that, including a fight with an evil wizard (Elvis Tsui) with lots of gore.

This film is incredibly tacky, but in a funny B-movie kind of way. For example, the cheap looking 'Ancestor God' skeleton that moves around strangely and the rip-off monster from Alien (1979).

The main actors are all fine in their roles, but they supporting actors outshine them all over the place. Kevin Boyle is great as the doomed expedition leader, Maggie Cheung is so cute as the annoying reporter and Chow Yun Fat has the greatest "do nothing" role known to man (with the exception of the timely rocket launcher.)

I would recommend this movie to hard core trash film fans and other people who can stomach the AV rated films that screen late at night on the commercial networks.

Rating: 7/10

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