So Close (2002) So Close

So Close Director : Corey Yuen
Shu Qi as Lyn
Zhao Wei as Sue
Karen Mok as Officer Hung

Tagline: How the Charlie's Angels remake should have been done

Shu Qi does not get nude in this movie, there is a lesbian kiss though.

The movie starts with a virus attack on the computer system of a large company which makes various terminals spark and explode. However it is soon stopped by the mysterious 'Computer Angel' and the CEO of the company asks his men to find her.

The next day a woman claiming to be the Computer Angel appears in the lobby claiming to have an appointment with the boss. Once she meets him she reveals that her true purpose was to get up to his office so she can assassinate him and not let anyone get in her way.

She is not alone in her attack however as she has an assistant who has hacked into the security system via satellite and jams it with the song 'Close to You' so none of the cameras pick her up.

Afterwards at the crime scene we meet Officer Hung who ruffles a few feathers with her approach, but she is determined to catch the killer

The people who paid for the assassination of the CEO want another job done and ask the two sisters but an old friend of Lyn's has arrived in town and she tells Sue to cancel the contract. What follows is an excellent fight sequence in underground parking garage where Lyn and Office Hung end up handcuffed together as well as being shot at by the hit men.

Next day is Lyn and Officer Hung's birthday so Sue sends her a cake and watches on the police station cameras when she opens it. What she didn't count on is that Hung knew the bakery she bought it from and is after her. A huge police chase follows and Sue gets her sister to find escape routes for her, not knowing that at the same time a large number of hit men are trying to kill her sister...

I haven't seen the new Charlie's Angles films, but I am hoping they would be something like this movie.

Shu Qi is the standout in the movie in that I wasn't looking at anything else while she was on screen. Zhao Wei and Karen Mok should be congratulated that they would be willing to share screen time with her and be upstaged so readily.

Some of the action scenes are a bit silly if you think about them, and the hacking scenes are pure science fiction, but if you ignore these you will have a good time with this movie.

In the 'not enough lesbian subtext' category I would have liked to see Sue and Office Hung get together onscreen as they clearly liked each other and it was only really hinted at in their scenes together. Lyn interrupting them in bed with some whipped cream/baby oil rubdown would have also been welcome, as would a pillow fight.

As much as critics and fans hate the recent spate of Hong Kong movies borrowing scenes from the Matrix, it does work on this occasion due to the technology involved and I would recommend this movie to fans of Keanu's work also.

Rating: 8/10

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