Sky on Fire (2016)

Director: Ringo Lam

Starring: Daniel Wu Yin-Cho, Joseph Chang Hsiau-Chuen, Amber Kuo Tsai-Chieh, Zhang Jing-Chu, Eddie Cheung Siu-Fai, Fan Kuang-Yao, Li Hai-Tao, Phillip Keung Hiu-Man, Wayne Lai Yiu-Cheung


This movie is getting a kicking from the critics, I don’t hate it but it has some serious problems with it in the post Raid movies you cannot really put up with. Quite apart from the ending which verily did make me exclaim “Oh for fuck’s sake!” but I’ll leave you why to see why.

Ringo Lam had a lot of trouble making this movie and spent months and months doing post production and putting in CGI special effects, waste of money since they are all done so poorly. The smoke effects are worse than the ones in the Adnan Hajj photographs and they had the balls to copy and paste cast members photos onto a photo of the Great Wall of China you can easily find online (see below.)

Look at me I'm in China!

Look at me I'm in China!

The movie should have ended before it did as the whole final act seemed quite unnecessary and it was just mean spirited to do that to some of the characters. Also the fact that having the supposed hero of the movie kill thousands of people completely invalidates their motives. The main bad guy killed what? Two people? Bullshit!

What did I like about the movie? The car stunts are most impressive including the truck chase at the start and the various car chases.

The fight scenes were impressive even in comparison with the Raid. The movie is rated MA 15+ for violence with the dog being run over might be a cause of upset to some people. Some of the characters try to fight even though they are not that good at it and take quite a beating. Gutted they did not have a big fight scene between Wolf and the head of security for Sky One Chong (Daniel Wu).

The story is a bit of a mess but it is a crime thriller style story set around a medical research facility and people trying to steal a cancer treatment. The start of the film was a bit confusing with the funeral scene and then the fire at the research lab five years before the start of the movie.

A group of fake police conspire to steal an important medical breakthrough as it is in transit to the Sky One building. Jia (Joseph Chang), having gone to the building to seek treatment for his sister Jen (Amber Kuo) who has terminal cancer. When she is refused treatment he storms out into the car park followed by his sister and they happen to be in there at the exact right moment when he sees his opportunity to hijack the track just as the Sky One security team arrives to get it back.

The rest of the movie goes back and forth between the people who stole the “X-Stem Cells” they are called, the head of security, the gang of stone cold killers recruited by the CEO to recover “his” goods and Sky One. It is a bit hard to follow at time as people seem to switch sides quite a bit. Jia and his sister appear at Sky One with the bug that was in the truck and he tries to cut a deal. Things go south when the bounty hunters have been instructed to kill everyone and get back the goods.

I don’t really believe the bad guys could kill or wound so many people and have massive chase scenes and fights around Hong Kong and still get out of jail so quickly. At least Jia ends up having to be bailed out at least once.

As I said I would have liked this movie a lot more if it ended about 20 minutes sooner. Leave the bad guys to get their comeuppance later and not try and overdo it.

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