Sausalito (2000) Sausalito


Directed by: Wai Keung Lau

Starring: Maggie Cheung, Leon Lai, Scott Leung

Tagline: "A dot com love story?"

It sounds hard to believe but this is actually what this movie is about. It actually does manage to carry this out with some credibility.

Ellen (Maggie Cheung) is a taxi driver in San Francisco, but is also an artist who dreams of living in the rich suburb of the city called Sausalito. She also has a ten year-old son, who is looked after by her friends at the taxi company. He is involved in one of the funniest scenes when he finds something 'exciting' in his Uncle's taxi.

Mike is an up-and-coming dot com tycoon, who came to fame in the US when he came from Hong Kong and wrote his first Search Engine while living in a warehouse apartment in Chinatown. His company is being courted for a multi-billion dollar takeover as part of a finance deal, but he doesn't have any inspirational ideas and feels burnt out.

When Ellen goes out to bring home her friend Tina, who has been calling her all night from the nightclub to come out with her, Mike ropes her into a demonstration to prove that all Chinese women as psychic, which goes successfully and afterwards Ellen finds Mike pissing on her mural that she has painted and they end up in the back of her taxi near the waterfront. After this, the story follows what you would expect from a romantic comedy, with a few funny twists.

The main reason to watch this movie is for Maggie Cheung. Although I have said it before, I would probably watch any movie she was in and while it is not the worst movie she has been in, I would say it was about average.

The male romantic lead seemed a bit boring though, but Francis Ng's performance as an older gay gentleman who was a friend of Maggie's character made up for it.

While some people will cringe at the use of then 'cutting edge' internet terminology, I found it quite and in line with the general attitude towards gizmos and pop culture references in Hong Kong cinema.

This movie is a perfect date film that you could bribe your partner with so you can watch a more traditional Hong Kong action movie straight afterwards with less complaints than normal.

Rating: 7/10

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