Royal Warriors (1986) Royal Warriors

Royal WarriorsDirected by: David Chung
Starring: Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Wong, Michelle Yeoh

Tagline: "More cops and robbers action"

Police officer Michelle (Michelle Yeoh) is on her way back from holiday in Japan when her flight is hijacked. Luckily she manages to team up with the Air Marshall Michael Wong (Michael Wong) and police officer Mr Yamamoto to take care of the bad guys in a spectacular fight sequence.

Unfortunately for the three, one of the best buddies of the two they killed on the plane decides to get revenge as they are 'inseparable in death'. This leads to much violence, bombings, car chases and shootouts in discos.

It was interesting seeing this movie straight after Yes, Madam (1985) due to their different styles. The two male leads almost made up for the lack of Cynthia Rothrock in this film.

What I also liked about it was that it seemed to know what the audience wants, as the little kid was cute for about a minute, but was disposed of as soon as she started to get annoying. Even though you don't really sympathise with him, the character of Michael provided welcome comic relief in this film (the best part was when he was arguing with the fish.)

Even though this movie feels like a cash-in on the success of Yes Madam at times, there are still enough good fight scenes, stunts and action to make the whole exercise worthwhile.

The story is a bit weak in places and some of the characters are neither here nor there. Most of the time I was looking at what Michelle Yeoh was doing though.

I would recommend this film if you enjoy 80's style police action movies in the style of Police Story.

Rating: 7/10

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