Royal Tramp II (1992) Royal Tramp II

Director: Wong Jing
Starring: Stephen Chow, Bridgette Lin, Sharla Cheung, Chingmy Yau. Kenneth Tang

Tagline: Help! I’m confused!

This movie follows directly on from the events of the first movie when the agent who is attempting to impersonate the Empress Dowager fails and reveals herself to be Long-er (Bridgette Lin) of the St. Dragon sect. She returns to the sect and is given the leadership of the clan and a fearsome hairdo to go along with it.

She swears to get back at the Emperor and Wilson Bond who foiled her plans. We also find out that she is the recipient of ‘Virgin’ kung fu, which means she will lose 80% of her power to the first man she sleeps with.

After being given a position of authority inside the palace, we find Wilson Bond back at the brothel he started at and up to his old tricks. He is interrupted by two agents of a rival clan and only manages to get out of it when Prince Wu In-Shan (Kenneth Tang) and his bodyguard (actually Long-er in disguise) interrupt.

The Emperor knows there is a plot against him and plans to marry his sister (Chingmy Yau) off to Prince Wu and appoints Wilson as a protector on the journey to escort her.

Just before they leave we learn that the Princess is pregnant to Wilson, which complicates matters slightly.

They are ambushed en-route by a nun from the Heaven and Earth sect and her follower and not even Wilson’s silly hat is enough to stop them. They kidnap Wilson and Prince and fly away.

Long-er’s followers rescue Wilson, but we find out that the Prince has fallen in love with one of the nun’s followers and they run off together. On returning to her sect with Wilson, Long-er finds that the king she had been dealing with (the prince’s father), has double-crossed her and she is given poison of a strong acting aphrodisiac.

She escapes, but we find out that she has to sleep with someone by dawn or she will die. Wilson tries to run away, but Long-er traps him and wraps him up in a cocoon with her so she can have her wicked way with him (Are you nuts? If Bridgette Lin wanted to sleep with me I wouldn’t be saying no!)

At this point it got too difficult for me to follow so I just sat back and enjoyed the fight scenes and pretty much ignored the plot. With Wilson know having 80% of Long-er’s power, things get a lot more interesting to say the least…

The main reason to watch this movie is if you are a fan of Bridgette Lin.

Stephen Chow doesn’t get as many funny lines as you would expect and Ng Man-tat’s character died in the first movie so he doesn’t have him to play against.

I really enjoyed the fight scenes with the highlight being the puppet-controlled fighters that use golden rings and the evil dude with the two crossing swords on his back.

There is much more dialogue in this movie and less jokes, which made it a lot harder to follow. The ‘tiger hat’ makes a welcome re-appearance though and the scene in the inn with the aphrodisiac powder is funny. The people throwing up at the ‘ugly woman’ joke didn’t work as well though (it is actually Wilson’s servant in disguise.)

I wouldn’t recommend this movie unless you have seen the first Royal Tramp movie and then only if you like being confused and seeing Bridgette Lin in kung fu action scenes. Stephen Chow gets to fight too, but only in a couple of scenes so I would recommend seeing King of Beggars if you would like to see him do kung fu in a fantasy setting.

Rating: 7/10

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