Police Story III (1992) Police Story III

Police Story III Director: Stanley Tong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung

Tagline: Jackie Chan broken collar bone

Following on from the first two films in the series, this instalment sees Jackie on an assignment to catch a major drug baron. Normally this would be no problem, but he has to work with the Chinese Military on this case and they have a certain way of doing things.

His partner in this mission is played by a Chinese Military officer (Michelle) who prepares him for his assignment and also sees that he gets some extra 'combat' training on the side.

After his training (official and impromptu) he goes inside a Chinese prison to help one of the drug baron's henchmen, Panther escape and lead him to his boss, and this is where the action really starts...

This is one of my favourite movies for two reasons: It's a really good movie and it's the first Jackie Chan movie I bought when I started getting an interest in his work after seeing him on SBS.

Jackie does all his usual stunts (and a few literally death-defying ones), as well as the other actors Maggie and Michelle (who can ride a motorbike really good.)

I also reckon the Director of the last Bond film that had Michelle Yeoh in it, may have seen this movie beforehand since she does some very good work in it.

If you like the Police Story series or Jackie Chan in general, this movie really deserves a place in your collection. (Although don't even consider getting the version titled 'Supercop' as it is dubbed into English and has a really crap song on it.)

Rating : 9/10

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This movie is also available as part of a Police Story Trilogy (Digitally Remastered) Box Set.

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