Police Story II (1988) Police Story II

Police Story II Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk, Bill Tung Piu

Tagline: Papa! Papa! *BANG*

I re-watched this movie recently in remastered form so I thought I would go over some of things I liked about it. As with Police Story this movie has been written about many times so I won't be detailing the plot.

As with the first movie I liked seeing a much younger Maggie Cheung playing Jackie's girlfriend. In this movie she gets to show a wider range of emotion than just yelling at him and acting comically. My favourite scene is when she pursues the hapless Jackie through the police station and ends up yelling at him the men's showers while he cowers in a cubicle (she climbs on top of the toilet that Bill is sitting on at the time.)

Even though many of the action scenes in this movie feature big explosions, my favourite is the playground fight sequence. I particularly like how the bad guys slide down the slide to start the fight and how the other playground equipment gets a good workout. If you have seen the clip of Jackie running down the alleyway from a 4WD this is the movie it came from.

Maggie Cheung gets to do some stunts in this movie also which is good to see.

A couple of problems I have with this movie is that the bad guys aren't really that interesting and the plot of blowing things up is a bit hard to take these days.

For some reason the version I saw on DVD doesn't have subtitles for the deaf/mute's sign language (the only version I saw that does is the original print.) It's a small thing, but probably would be important to collectors.

I recommend buying this movie as part of the remastered DVD box set if you can get your hands on it for the best value. Failing that you may be able to find a cheap copy on VHS if you still have a working video player.

Rating: 8/10

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This movie is also available as part of a Police Story Trilogy (Digitally Remastered) Box Set.

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