Peace Hotel (1995) Peace Hotel

Peace Hotel

Directed by: Ka-Fai Wai
Starring: Ho Chin, Yun-Fat Chow, Cecilia Yip

Tagline: "Chinese cowboys kick arse!"

This movie is very strange to say the least. It starts out as an action movie, then turns into a drama and finally goes back to being an action movie again.

The story follows the Killer (Chow Yun Fat), who sets up a hotel as a safe haven for people who are being hunted. The peace is held by the threat of violence in the form of a sword stuck in the ground at the entrance.

Everything seems to be going well into one day a woman turns up who claims to be the Killer's long-lost wife and she starts causing trouble. She is rejected by the Killer, but further problems arise when a band of villains turn up looking for her, forcing the Killer to act. Will the Peace Hotel stay a safe haven for long, or is it doomed?

Although there are fight scenes in this movie, they cheat quite annoyingly so you don't see anyone get hit (Come Drink with Me did a similar thing.)

There are also some funny scenes in among the drama, like the Killer stealing a young boy's pants and making him cry and the antics of the supposed wife.

This was Chow Yun Fat's last Hong Kong film before going to Hollywood, so it is worth seeing for that fact alone. It may not be up there with some of his classic performances in John Woo films, but it is still interesting.


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