Illicit Desire (1973)Illict Desire

Illicit DesireDirector: Han Hsiang Li
Starring: Hong-Yip Cheng, Ping Chen, Miao Ching, Mien Fang, Ping Ha, Lee Yan Ho, Ching Hu, Ricky Hui, Feng Ku, Tan Lau, Wei Tu Lin, Peng-fei Li, Yunzhong Li, Dean Shek, Lao Shen, Ni Tien, Han Chen Wang, Lai Wang, Hap Wong, Kwan Yeung, Hua Yueh

Tagline: "What's the use of pants!"

A trio of stories of wanting something you shouldn't. In the first story it revolves around a famous scroll, the second about another man's wife and the third concerns a missing cow.

I have to admit that I found the first story a bit slow as it was mostly exposition. You would probably get more out of this story if you are interested in Chinese calligraphy as they talk about it a lot.

The second story concerning adultery was a bit racier, but I found the characters very annoying. There are a lot of people to keep track of also so it is difficult to follow at times.

I enjoyed the third story as it was funny and had another story for added benefit at the end. When a cow goes missing from a tofu maker, the neighbours decide to sell it on them. Going to enlist the help of the "Little Fairy", the farmer is tricked into buying herbs from a neighbouring shop to settle another dispute.

Little does he know they are giving him laxatives and running out to the dunny all night, he scares the neighbours into thinking he knows about them stealing the cow. The bonus story of the cheating wife was great also, has it had a funny scene of the two wives fighting and the classic 'husband in the cupboard' joke.

I would recommend this film if you would like to see a costume drama with some comedy thrown in. Some parts of the story are a bit melodramatic and I recommend just watching the stories you are interested in rather than the whole thing in the one sitting.

Rating: 7/10

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