Hit Team (2001) HIT TEAM

HIT TEAM Directed by: Dante Lam
Starring: Alex To, Daniel Wu

Tagline: "Hong Kong's Finest vs. Hong Kong's Finest"

An undercover operation turns out a disaster when the agent, named Ho, is shot in the back and confined to a wheelchair. His friends in the SDU (Special Duty Unit) are the first to hear about it and they agree to help him raise the money he needs to go to Switzerland for treatment.

Meanwhile, the SDU's elite unit, HIT TEAM, receives a replacement for Ho, a female agent from the Witness Protection Unit. Her first operation with the unit almost ends in disaster when she decides to block a bullet from the gangster who is holding her with her body, and a grenade drops on the ground. She is chewed out by the squad leader, but one of the members of her team tells her not to worry about it as the boss is always serious.

Ho's friends are having trouble raising the money for him, so three of them decide to quit the SDU and go rogue, leaving only the member in charge of the armoury still with the Police.

Their first hit is on an underground bank run by gangsters. It goes fairly successfully until one of their team is unmasked and they decide to not leave any witnesses.

The head of HIT TEAM is assigned to the investigation and his suspicions are aroused when he finds shape charges were used to blow the door, along with CD gas, only available to the SDU.

Knowing they are being investigated, the ex-SDU team members decide to monitor the police, something which helps them avoid being captured in a sting involving most of the police force. Will their luck hold out with both the police and the triad now out for their blood?

Guns! Drama! Action! Guns! This fast-paced action romp has all the elements needed for a blockbuster film. The twist here is that instead of the SDU going against terrorists or foreign army units gone bad, they're against their former colleagues.

This movie reminded me a lot of First Option and many other police SDU movies to come out of Hong Kong. The difference with this film is that the unit starts out as fully operational and there are none of the usual training sequences.

Even though the SDU are meant to be the bad guys in this movie, I liked the way it was established that they are just trying to help their friend. Whether their friend agrees with their methods is another matter.

I would recommend this movie if you are a fan of police action drama movies such as the Police Story and Lethal Weapon series.

Rating: 7/10

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