High Risk (1995) High Risk

High Risk Director: Wong Jing
Starring: Jet Li, Jacky Cheung

Tagline: WARNING! Jackie Chan piss-take detected!

Starring Jet Li, this movie is a send up of the movie Die Hard, but most of it is devoted to making fun of Jackie Chan.

It starts off with Kit Li (Jet Li) trying to defuse a bomb set under a school bus which has his wife and child on it. It has been set up by the notorious terrorist known as 'The Doctor' as an extortion bid. His attempt to defuse the bomb doesn't go well and two years later he is working as the bodyguard for a famous film star Frankie Long (Jackie Cheung)

Frankie turns up to one of his stunts drunk, so he asks Kit to do the stunt for him "like in Canada". A TV reporter has also taken an interest in the star and is looking to expose him for using a stunt double - even though he says he never uses one and does all his dangerous stunts himself.

It also turns out that Frankie is quite a ladies man and according to his Dad has only about 20% of his real Kung Fu left.

Around the same time the Doctor's gang is planning to steal Tsar Nicolas the 2nd's jewels from an exhibition at the top of a hotel. The jewels are to be unveiled at an exclusive VIP party which the famous film star is invited to.

The reporter also manages to get into the party with her producer so she can secretly record the film star for her story. Jet Li's character has to stay downstairs as he didn't get a ticket.

While he is driving away from the party he hears the Doctor's voice in the car next to him and finds out something is going to happen at the hotel, so he rushes off to try and get the help of the police...

This is a very fun an action packed movie which manages to combine the 'big action movie' and 'comedy piss take' type of film very effectively. It's what a lot of the Hollywood 'spoof' films try to do, but can't quite manage as they can't do either style effectively.

My favourite scene would have to be when Jet Li's character and the police officer are driving around the hotel lobby in the hatchback shooting at the terrorists and you can see that the people they are hitting are mannequins. (I still step to one side when elevator doors open because of this.) When they manage to get the car into the lift and up into the penthouse it is even funnier. Other funny scenes are the toilet rescue and helicopter sequences.

Wong Jing had a grudge against Jackie Chang after working with him on City Hunter, so he needed to get it out of his system and chose this movie to do so. At least Jackie Chan didn't crack it with Jet Li as they are still meant to be working on a project at some point in the future.

I still like this movie more than Wong Jing's recent efforts as at least it doesn't have any Kill Bill rip-off scenes or any nasty scenes just for the hell of it that break up the mood of the story.

Rating: 7/10

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