The Heroic Trio (1993) Heroic Trio

Heroic Trio Directed by: Johnny To
Starring: Maggie Cheung, Damian Lau, Anita Mui, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Michelle Yeoh

Tagline: "The Invisible Cloak cannot be found by anyone now."

In present-day Hong Kong, 18 babies have gone missing in three months in a case that baffles police. Even more baffling is when an invisible foe tells them the 19th baby will be taken that night.

Determined to stop her, Wonder Woman (Anita Mui) fights Invisible Woman (Michelle Yeoh) and manages to rescue one of the babies that was taken from the heavily guarded hospital nursery.

The next day we meet Thief-Catcher Chat (the always delightful Maggie Cheung), as she jumps her motorbike over the police barricade to get some armed robbers who have taken hostages in a chemical factory. Her method of entry into the factory is unique: she throws a lit stick of dynamite into a 44-gallon drum and hops on for a ride.

Not long after this, we get to see the Invisible Woman for the first time, when her Invisible Cloak wears off at dawn. Yan (the Invisible Woman) take the baby she stole to her master in an underground lair where a scheme is underway to find a replacement Emperor of China.

Cut to the heavily guarded hospital and Wonder Woman and Ms Invisible are working undercover. Their efforts come to naught when they have to deal with a pyschopath and Chat takes a baby for a ride.

Later, hanging off the side of a cliff, Wonder Woman finds out that Yan is her long-lost sister. While they reminisce, Chat throws a rope down and pulls them up using her strong neck muscles. They all decide to help get back the babies and fight the master, leading to a spectacular fight.

The three main leads are what makes this movie so successful. Anita Mui as Wonder Woman is stylish and dignified, Maggie Cheung is a wild woman and Michelle Yeoh beats her own performances in other movies I have seen her in.

It is sad to see old movies with Anita Mui nowadays, as I am sure she could have gone on to play many grand dignified lady roles in movies for decades to come.

Anthony Wong as the master's servant Kau is also very memorable as at one point he eats his own fingers. Considering how bored he looks in his current roles then I would also recommend this movie for fans of his earlier work.

Even though there is a sequel to this movie with the same cast, they couldn't top what they achieved here and from all accounts it is not as good.

I would recommend this movie if you like movies with women kicking arse such as So Close or even the Charlies Angels films.

Rating: 10/10

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