Healing Hearts (2001) Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts Director: Gary Tang
Starring: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Kenny Bee, Michelle Reis

Tagline: The Paul and Jackie story

Paul is a hard-working doctor in Hong Kong hospital, his friend Lawrence, who is also a doctor, has a girlfriend named Jackie who is in a coma. Lawrence annoys Paul one night after he offers him a lift, then spends most of the night talking to his girlfriend while he is waiting, he doesn't think it is worth it.

After Paul saves a woman from the roof of the hospital who is about to commit suicide, he hides from the hospital administrator in Jackie's room and even talks to her. Just as he is about to leave, he changes his mind when he sees the person he is trying to avoid in the corridor and then turns around to see Jackie looking at him.

Paul is very happy for Lawrence and is concerned when Jackie sneaks off from the hospital without telling him. Jackie says she 'needs her privacy' and she and Paul end up going out for dinner.

She then moves into his apartment 'only temporarily' and proceeds to drive him nuts by trying to clean up his mess, singing in the morning and buying too much shopping (he's lived by himself for quite a while).

This is the usual relationship movie or 'chick flick' if you will. It is a relief seeing one of these after all the triad and Kung Fu movies I have seen.

These movies stand or fall on whether you believe the characters and if their relationship is something that could actually exist. In this case I think it works out quite well and it does have an interesting story.

There are some moments of comedy and drama, but they are not overplayed. It helps the movie to be a bit different from other romance stories.

What I like about these movies is that they sometimes kill off one of the main characters and it still turns out to be a happy ending. While this is not the case here, it is still better than average. I would much rather watch this than a Hollywood produced love story.

Rating: 6/10

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