Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1980) Half a Loaf of Kung Fu

Half a Loaf of Kung Fu Directed by: Chi-Hwa Chen
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chung-erh Lung, Dean Shek, James Tien, Ma Wu

Tagline: Unseen Jackie Chan

Yes, I know this movie is really old and the only copies you will be able to find will probably be dubbed, but it's worth it.

In this film, Jackie Chan plays a hapless martial arts student who is always being picked on by his master and accosted by a strange wandering man who wants to teach him different fighting methods.

From what I remember of the plot, Jackie's character joins up with a party whose job is to protect a sacred relic from bands of roving bandits, with much fighting ensuing.

This film would really probably only interest Jackie Chan fans rather than anyone else. It was only released after Jackie's manager saw that he was becoming popular and wanted to raise his profile more.

If you have seen any of the classic Kung Fu movies from the 1970's, then you will have a fair idea of how this film works out. The difference here is that Jackie Chan's humour and creativity is on display. While it is not his best work, it is still very good.

I recommend this movie if you have seen Young Master and Dragon Lord and want to see another of Jackie Chan's films from around the same era.

Rating: 7/10

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