Full Contact (1993) Full Contact

Full Contact Director: Ringo Lam
Starring: Chow Yun Fat

Tagline: Chow Yun Fat the hard-arse

Deano, Virgin and Judge knock over an antiques store to get the gold Bhuddas and kill everyone. Jeff (Chow Yun Fat) is a hard-arse who lives in Bangkok and while it is not made clear what he does, it is certainly not legal.

His girlfriend is Mona, a dancer in a nightclub and his friend Sam has a habit of getting into trouble, like when he is captured by a gang leader who he owes and Jeff has to bust some people's heads to get him back.

Knowing that the gang leader will be after him, Jeff goes back to the nightclub to get Mona and his other friend and they ride away on their motorbikes to hide out.

They decide to help Sam pay his debts by doing a job with Judge and his gang whom we met in the first scene. This job goes arse up, as unknown to Jeff, Judge has made a deal with the other gang leader, which leads to Jeff's friend being killed and Sam forced to shoot Jeff.

Another result of this situation is that an innocent family is killed, a young girl is horribly burned and Jeff adopts a cute little dog. While Jeff recovers from his injuries in a Buddhist Monastery, Sam has joined Judge's gang and shacked up with Mona to comfort her after Jeff was supposedly killed.

While Jeff plans his revenge, Sam is also having problems coming to terms with his new life and has become very brutal...

There is a lot of brutal violence in this movie, so be warned. In particular the scenes with the gang at the start where the gang kills everyone. Also, most of Jeff's scenes when he is shooting people.

Although there is a sex scene, it does seem out of place amongst all the violence so it is easy to ignore it.

The real reason to watch this movie is for Chow Yun Fat's performance. He gets to play a different type of character than the Killer or the hard-bitten cop in Hard Boiled. This movie really benefits from this change of pace.

My favourite scene is where Jeff is riding his motorbike while shooting at people and he picks himself off the ground by leaning on his guns. I have not seen this scene copied in any other movie, which is good to see.

I recommend this movie if you are a fan of Chow Yun Fat or like ultra-violent action movies.

Rating: 10/10

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