Fantasia (2004) Fantasia

I know this is not the full poster, I just think it is funny Director: Wai Ka-Fai
Starring: Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, Francis Ng Chun-Yu, Christy Chung Lai-Tai

Tagline: I wish I could get such hot women by licking my chopstick

The film begins in 1969 with a team from a private detective agency wearing jade suits in a security operation for an antiques store. They manage to catch the thieves, but two of the team break so much that their boss has to deduct their pay for the next 70 years.

Back at their office one of the team is cleaning up and fools around with an old lamp pretending a genie would grant them wishes. Suddenly one of them hears his cousin is sick and has to take a boat to the USA and the lamp ends up out the window.

A short time later the Wizard from the lamp, Ham Bobo, turns up on their doorstep and wants to grant their wishes. As she is only a wizard in training from Hogwart's, she is having trouble granting wishes right away and they think she is making it up.

On the street, Bobo ends up getting robbed by a gang with afros and a boss who is having trouble eating his chicken noodles with a switchblade. She ends up losing clothes and the magical chopsticks that are actually her cousins.

Later in the gang's bus, the gang leader licks the chopsticks. This causes the cousins to appear and take on the characteristics of their master. They are played by the pop group Twins and are very funny.

Back at the office Bobo is having trouble with her other cousin (a stuffed monster), who has bright pink poo and likes to vomit blue gunk on people. The story continues with loads of wacky hi-jinks and adventures from the three, leading to an eventual showdown with the gang.

I have heard that this movie was the second top-grossing movie of 2004 in Hong Kong after Kung Fu Hustle. With the current trend of comedies, it is good to see one that makes a bit of an effort.

The pop culture references were strange even though I should be used to them now. JK Rowling would certainly let the IP lawyers loose if she were to see this movie. I doubt that would happen though as this sort of thing happens all the time in Hong Kong movies.

I thought the main characters were very funny, in particular the 'Chopstick Sisters' parading around with their flashy clothes and beehive hairdos. I wish they had been featured in the movie more as it would have been funnier.

Some of the story was a bit hard to understand as I suspect most of the good jokes were in Cantonese. I would recommend this movie if you would like to see a light comedy with some romance thrown in.

Rating: 6/10

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