Don't Tell My Partner (1997) Dont Tell My Partner

Don't Tell My Partner Director: Otto Chan
Starring: Shu-Kei Wong, Madoka Osawa, Tak Wai Tong

Tagline: Having sex on a video edit suite while a tape is in is ill advised.

Keith is a faithful boyfriend and friend to David, who is a hairdresser and womaniser. David reckons Keith should fool around more, but Keith loves his girlfriend and wants to be faithful.

At work Keith is sexually harassed by an older woman who wants to have an affair with him (which is broadcast all over the office when Keith sits on the button), but he won't have anything to do with it until a new girl arrives in the office, Nancy Lee.

She catches his eye immediately and she is just as interested in him. He starts following her, but she turns up at his house and asks him to hop into her van. A parking attendant is surprised with the outcome...

While this movie says it is a love story, it really just seems to be an excuse for a soft porn movie. The plot is really weak and doesn't really go anywhere.

The character of Keith is well developed, but the other characters are not well formed and some of the women are only in the story to get their clothes off.

Despite this, if you are sick of watching violent triad movies or sappy romantic comedies and just want some low commitment soft core pornography, then this film comes highly recommended.

Rating : 5/10

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