Kung Fu Hustle Soundtrack

Format: CD
Publisher: Sony Music Hongkong
Distribute: Sony Music Malaysia
Release Date: 2004

Track List:

  1. Like The Old Saying
  2. Kung Fu 1
  3. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
  4. Pay The Rent
  5. Fisherman's Song Of The East China Sea
  6. No More Soccer
  7. Ambush From All Sides
  8. Come On
  9. Allegro Molto Vivace From Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20
  10. I'm Not Scared!
  11. Moderato From Zigeunerweisen, Op.20
  12. Decree Of The Sichuan General
  13. Not Guilty Of Kung Fu
  14. Midnight Assassin
  15. The Blade Of Gu Qin
  16. No Manners
  17. Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian
  18. Night Club Band
  19. Seize Any Opportunity
  20. Sabre Dance
  21. Daring General
  22. Casino Fight
  23. Realization
  24. Prejudiced To Four Eyes
  25. Ying Xiong Men Zhan Sheng Le Da Du He
  26. Dagger Society Suite
  27. Fisherman's Song Of The East China Sea
  28. Buddhist Palm
  29. Numb Nut
  30. Zhi Yao Wei NI HUo Yi Tian (Huang Sheng Yi)
  31. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (huang Sheng Yi)
  32. Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas)
  33. The Hustle (Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony)
I really enjoyed this movie and loved the music so I decided to import this soundtrack myself. The CD also includes dialog excerpts from the movie (useless to me as they are in Cantonese), but the booklet comes with a handy translation. Also in the package was a double sided movie poster.

The music used in the movie is a mix of western classical pieces, traditional Chinese music and pieces composed for the film. My favourite of the traditional Chinese music was "The Sichuan General" that played in the big fight scene near the start of the movie. Allegro Molto Vivace From Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 was my favourite western classic piece that was used in the chase scene between Stephen's character and the landlady.

Out of the music composed for the movie, my favourite was "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" that played during the establishing scenes for the Axe Gang.

Although I couldn't understand the dialog clips on the CD, my favourite was "No More Soccer!" as it was short and sweet and introduced a great track.

This is a great soundtrack except for one thing, the music that was "inspired" by the movie is not really my thing. I am probably going to burn my own copy without the last two tracks as they really don't fit with the rest of the tracks on the CD.

Rating: 8/10

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