Human Lanterns (1982) Human Lanterns

Human LanternsDirector: Sun Chung
Starring: Lui Yung, Chen Kuan-Li, Lo Lieh, Tanny Tien Ni, Linda Chu, Lin Hsui-Chiu, Lo Meng, Sun Chien, Wang Ching-ho

Tagline: BLEURGH!

A dick size war between two kung fu masters goes off the rails with bloody results. When one of them decides to try and win the lantern festival with a special kind of lantern, he is taken to see a strange lantern making hermit who turns out to be someone who he defeated ten years before long and still bears a grudge.

Cue the killings, but it is difficult to take them seriously as the killer looks like a gorilla with dreadlocks wearing a fright mask. He makes up for this by taunting one of his victims by waving the skin of someone he has previously killed in their face.

I remember reading that one of the main reasons for the OFLC rating films R in Australia (and banning some films) is if the violence is 'relished or cruel' and this movie has that in spades. I know it is very trashy, but I found those particular scenes very disturbing.

It is also difficult to feel any empathy for the main characters as they start of acting like idiots and don't get any better even though people are being killed due to their stupid rivalry.

Also the lanterns themselves are a let down. All that effort of being insane for ten years, catching the women, putting up with their screaming, skinning them and working on the skin for a couple of pissy lanterns. For 'human skin lanterns' you would expect to have some visible body parts.

There were some good parts in this movie like the dramatic shots in some scenes and some of the kung fu action but it is not really that much to make the movie stand out. As I have already mentioned, I don't like deliberately nasty movies so you may get more out of this story than I did, but I don't see anything to recommend it.

Rating: 4/10

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