Dragon Chronicles: Maidens of Heavenly Mountain (1994) Dragon Chronicles

Dragon ChroniclesDirector: Andy Wing-Keung Chin
Starring: Brigitte Lin, Gong Li, Cheung Man, Norman Chu

Tagline: Neat! Laser beams!

In a very confusing opening, two identical twins (both played by Brigitte Lin) have a falling out with their sister Mo Han-Wen (Gong Li) who goes to live on a mountain with another master. Years later and the master is sick and predicts some bad things are going down so he has to go rest.

Cut to the evil Kung Fu sect led by Ting Chun-Chou (Norman Chu) is running amok because he can. He looks the part with his manly beard and flowing white hair and his 'body melting' stance makes people explode.

One of his students, Purple (Cheung Man) comes across a hapless monk when they are raiding a monastery. She doesn't know the monk will become very important in the scheme of things later when he goes to meet the former master and gets his power.

Things inevitably lead to a big battle where Brigitte Lin fights her twin while flying through the sky shooting laser beams at each other. There are heaps of explosions and so much stuff is happening I couldn't work out what was going on. It is very difficult to work out what was going on and I didn't know if the two sisters were lovers or just enjoyed each other's company.

What saves this movie from being a debacle is the presence of Brigitte Lin. She is great playing an evil character as well as a good guy as she just gets such a malevolent look on her face like she doesn't care about anyone. Male bad guys usually chew the scenery and jump around, Brigitte only needs to raise an eyebrow to completely change her character.

I would really only recommend this if you are a big fan of Brigitte Lin and if you want something to keep the kids amused on a rainy afternoon. Don't blame me if they try and do the 'flying' moves all over your lounge room though.

Rating: 6/10

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